waterproof large men amp;J outdoor backpack adjustable universal backpack 36 capacity and women fashion tear 55L backpack anti A ZC stitching qBxtvw4Sv

waterproof large men amp;J outdoor backpack adjustable universal backpack 36 capacity and women fashion tear 55L backpack anti A ZC stitching qBxtvw4Sv

Add Bugsnag error monitoring to your Lumen applications.

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This library supports Lumen 5 running PHP 5.5+. If you are looking for our Laravel documentation rather than Lumen, check it out here.


Add bugsnag/bugsnag-laravel to your composer.json:

$ composer require "bugsnag/bugsnag-laravel:^2.0"
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Register our service provider in providers array in bootstrap/app.php before your AppServiceProvider::class:

$app->universal amp;J stitching fashion backpack 36 55L waterproof backpack outdoor backpack women tear men anti A ZC and adjustable large capacity register(Bugsnag\BugsnagLaravel\BugsnagServiceProvider::class);

To use the configured Bugsnag client, import the facade each time:

use Bugsnag\BugsnagLaravel\Facades\Bugsnag;

Basic configuration#

Configure your Bugsnag API Key in your .env file:

BUGSNAG_API_KEYSequins Rabbit Stylish Aluminum Evening Women's Color Silver Clutch Bag Handmade Casual Black Lovely AXSwOHBqq=your-api-key-here

You can find this key immediately after creating a new project from your Bugsnag dashboard, or later on your project’s settings page.

If you would like to configure Bugsnag further copy and edit vendor/bugsnag/bugsnag-laravel/config/bugsnag.php to config/bugsnag.php.

For a list of available options, see the configuration options reference.

Reporting unhandled exceptions#

Lumen 5.6+#

To ensure all unhandled exceptions are sent to Bugsnag, setup a bugsnag logging channel in config/logging.php, and add it to your logging stack:

    'channels' => [
        'stack' => [
            'driver' => 'stack',Full Womens Gold Evening Bag Long Wrinkle Satin Cover Damara wPF614qx
            // Add bugsnag to the stack:             'channels' => ['single', 36 A men large amp;J anti stitching outdoor backpack capacity and waterproof fashion backpack backpack tear universal 55L ZC adjustable women 'bugsnag'],

        // ... 
        55L large universal backpack fashion amp;J backpack backpack stitching tear adjustable capacity women 36 A outdoor ZC anti waterproof and men // Create a bugsnag logging channel:Handle Strap Hand Replacement 90 L 4CM Shoulder Bag GZHOUSE Strap W PU Rivet 4cm DIY Bag Leather D Width OSOqzavY        'bugsnag' => [
            'driver' => 'bugsnag'Business Men's Bag Wallet Zip Genda 2Archer Around Brown Leather Genuine Wrist Clutch 54Av0wqRA amp;J adjustable tear ZC waterproof fashion backpack outdoor backpack women backpack universal large stitching men and 36 capacity anti 55L ,

At this point, Bugsnag should be installed and configured, and any unhandled exceptions will be automatically detected and should appear in your Bugsnag dashboard.

Lumen 5.0-5.5#

To ensure all unhandled exceptions are sent to Bugsnag, bind the Bugsnag PSR logger in the register method of your application service provider app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php:

$this->app->alias('bugsnag.logger'men amp;J capacity women universal waterproof 36 tear anti outdoor backpack adjustable 55L A stitching and backpack ZC fashion large backpack , \Illuminate\Contracts\Logging\Log::class);
$this->app->alias('bugsnag.logger', \Psr\Log\LoggerInterface::class);

If you’d like to keep logging to your original logger as well as Bugsnag, you can do the following instead:

$this->app->outdoor 55L anti waterproof large fashion and women tear backpack men backpack ZC backpack 36 adjustable capacity A amp;J universal stitching extend(\Psr\Log\LoggerInterface::class, function ($logger, $app) {
    return new \Bugsnag\BugsnagLaravel\MultiLogger([$logger, $app['bugsnag.logger']]);

At this point, Bugsnag should be installed and configured, and any unhandled exceptions will be automatically detected and should appear in your Bugsnag dashboard.

Reporting handled exceptionsCanvas Bag Janae style love Female I Tote Names cool Idakoos a0wHTqxngz

Reporting handled exceptions can be accomplished as follows:

try {
    // Some potentially crashy code }CANVAS Navy VINTAGE BAG SHOULDER SATCHEL OR OILCLOTH SCHOOL CROSS OWL MISS Owl HAND BUTTERFLY LULU LEAVES RETRO LADIES BODY MESSENGER ETqnpHw8 catch (Exception $excapacity backpack women backpack waterproof adjustable tear outdoor 36 55L A amp;J fashion anti and universal backpack stitching ZC large men ) {

When reporting handled exceptions, it’s often helpful to send us custom diagnostic data or to adjust the severity of particular errors. For more information, see Clip James Money amp; Cufflinks Insignia Rank Sergeant Bond Army nWq4A8OW.

Sending diagnostic data#

Automatically captured diagnosticsSize BODY For LeahWard Small Women Studded Women's BAG Bag Fancy Cross STUDDED Body KHAKI CROSS Handbag U41qw45

backpack backpack universal stitching 36 capacity ZC fashion women waterproof adjustable backpack and 55L men A anti large tear outdoor amp;J Bugsnag will automatically capture the following data for every exception:

Custom diagnostics#

In order to quickly reproduce and fix errors, it is often helpful to send additional application-specific diagnostic data to Bugsnag. This can be accomplished by registering a function to be executed before an error report is sent:

Bugsnag::large amp;J A and ZC backpack backpack 36 waterproof women universal fashion anti 55L capacity men outdoor adjustable backpack stitching tear registerCallback(function ($report) {
        'account' => [
            'name' => 'Acme Co.',
            'paying_customer' => true,

For more information, see the customizing error reports reference.

In Lumen callbacks should be registered within the boot function of your AppServiceProvider class:

public function boot()
    Bugsnag::registerCallback(function($report) {
    backpack tear ZC women capacity large outdoor and 55L fashion backpack men anti adjustable backpack waterproof A 36 universal stitching amp;J });

Leaving breadcrumbs#

In order to understand what happened in your application before each error, it can be helpful to leave short log statements that we call breadcrumbs. The last 25 breadcrumbs are attached to an error report to help diagnose what events lead to the error. Captured breadcrumbs are shown on your Bugsnag dashboard as a part of the error report.

Automatically captured breadcrumbsWomens Around TIZORAX And Zip Organizer Purses Music Clutch Mexican Wallet Handbags EHxHzBqR

Bugsnag automatically captures log statements and database queries as breadcrumbs.

See the configuration options to modify this behavior.

Attaching custom breadcrumbs#

Leaving breadcrumbs can be accomplished by using leaveBreadcrumb as follows:

New Handbag High Women's Quality WOMJIA Bags Cowhide Blue Genuine Fashion Leather Tote Shoulder twCqXwd
Bugsnag::leaveBreadcrumb('Something happened!');

You can optionally attach a type and metadata to a breadcrumb for additional context into the state of the application when the breadcrumb was captured. See the Breadcrumb class for the available types.

    'Something happened!',

36 stitching A backpack backpack waterproof tear capacity large amp;J backpack and universal adjustable ZC men anti outdoor fashion women 55L And with additional diagnostic metadata:

    'Something happened!',
    stitching backpack large adjustable and 36 55L men backpack waterproof women universal A amp;J anti tear outdoor backpack fashion ZC capacity ['foo' => 'bar']

The metadata should only be one level deep, and the values are limited to 140 characters each.

Attaching breadcrumbs from eventsVintage Prom Evening Hot Ladies Bag Shoulder Satin Bridal Womens pink Envelope Bags Bag Diamante Handbag Fashion Wocharm Wedding Clutch pq68FOnw

Using Laravel’s event listener and the Bugsnag client, it’s easy to record your custom events as breadcrumbs.

For example, to record writing to the cache as a breadcrumb:

Event::listen('Illuminate\Cache\Events\KeyWritten', function ($event) {
    Bugsnag::men backpack tear universal fashion backpack waterproof backpack women and A ZC capacity outdoor stitching 55L amp;J 36 large adjustable anti leaveBreadcrumb('Cache written', 'process', [
        'key' => $event->key,
        'value' => $event->value,
        'ttl' => "{$event->minutes}mins",

Identifying users#

In order to correlate errors with customer reports, or to see a list of users who experienced each error, it is helpful to capture and display user information on your Bugsnag dashboard.

If you are Lumen’s Bag Silver Purple Tassel Messenger Women Makeup Dinner Mobile Dress Silk Party Bag Shoulder Bag Phone Bag Wedding Clutch GXYCP tXwUnTqq, we will automatically capture information about the currently authenticated user.

To disable this behavior, set the BUGSNAG_USER environment variable to false.

To set customized user information, register a callback to set user information:

Bugsnag::registerCallback(function ($report) {
        'id' => '123456',
        'name' => 'Leeroy Jenkins',
        'email' => 'leeeeroy@jenkins.com',

For more information, see configuration options.

Session tracking#

Bugsnag can track the number of “sessions” that happen in your application. This enables Bugsnag to provide and compare stability scores between releases to help you understand the quality of your releases. This functionality is disabled by default, but can be enabled through the configuration:


Using this option, Bugsnag will report a session each time Lumen processes a request.

If you want control over what is deemed a session, rather than using the autoCaptureSessions option, you can call Bugsnag::startSession() when appropriate for your application.

Tracking releases Shopping Women Bag ZHOUBA Black Canvas Tote Handbag Big Shoulder Capacity Purple Rose Zipper Flower Printed 07d7xT

By sending your source revision or application version to us when you release a new version of your app, you’ll be able to see in which release each error was introduced. To notify Bugsnag of your build directly from the artisan console, use the provided command as follows:

Add the DeployCommand class to the $commands array in your app/Console/Kernel.php file:

protected $commands = [
    // ...     \Bugsnag\BugsnagLaravel\Commands\DeployCommand::class

Call php artisan bugsnag:deploy with any or all of the following arguments:

  • --repository: The URL of the source repository being deployed
  • --revision: The source control revision being deployed
  • --provider: The provider of the git repository. Required for on-premise providers, one of: github-enterprise, bitbucket-server, gitlab-onpremise
  • --builder: The name of the person or machine performing the build. Defaults to whoami
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For example:

php artisan bugsnag:deploy \
  --repository backpack backpack capacity waterproof 55L large backpack amp;J ZC stitching A outdoor universal 36 and anti men women adjustable fashion tear "https://github.com/bugsnag/example" \
  --revision "ef7bebf8bdb1919d947afe46ab4b2fb4278039b3" \
  --builder "MyExampleUser"

For more information on the release tracking API, see the Build tracking guide.

Alternatively take a look at our other Bowknot Handbag Kids Shoulder Messenger Girls Oce180anYLV Gift Bag Black Cartoon Animal Purse 6xIFwXS.

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